Hi there!

If you’re interested in a photo session this fall, email me soon at roxannagphotos[at]gmail[dot]com for more information! Since I’m pregnant, I’m just going to do a few sessions before December so I have enough time to edit and order pictures in time for Christmas cards!

I feel happy, honored, and humbled when someone asks me to take their pictures. It’s so much fun! 🙂

Happy Monday!



This little creature appeared in our backyard the other day…

You see, I’m not a big fan of animals like this one AT ALL, but I still got my camera out, because you don’t see this things in your backyard everyday.

So, it started moving…

and moving…

And I thought it was going to fall…

But it didn’t fall 🙂

If you’re interested, here are links to find more Randomestic pictures of creatures in my backyard. Lizards and bees. 

Thanksgiving in January.

It’s been a busy week so I haven’t taken any pictures at all! I can’t believe it. Anyway, I was looking at old pictures in my computer and realized I never posted these pics from Thanksgiving. So here you go. Pretend I posted this two months ago, please. Thank you!


Happy Thanksgiving 😉