Baby belly and tutus ~ Part 1

I had the great opportunity to capture this precious moment in my good friend Gaby’s life. She is expecting her third girl which will be born very soon! We had so much fun on a beautiful, sunny morning. The two proud, big sisters were so joyful and funny. Plus, they were wearing some gorgeous tutus!

I will be posting part 2 very soon!


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Randomestic Wednesday- Valentine’s Day Style

We had a fun Valentine’s day yesterday. Of course I dressed up my girls in red and took pictures 🙂

“Look at my Valentine’s shirt!”

Beautiful flowers from daddy…

Yep, we all liked them!

And here we are, the three of us inside the girls’ playhouse. We’re playing and waiting for daddy to come home from work.

I hope you also had a fun day celebrating LOVE!

PS- last two pics taken with my phone.

Winter Hats

My girls insisted on wearing their winter hats the other day, since it was cold outside, I got the winter gear out.

I’d been wanting to try and take some pictures in their room since there’s some beautiful light there in the mornings. So I got my camera out and started shooting.

Surprisingly they were in a good mood for posing, so I took advantage of that!

These girls make me smile everyday!


This little creature appeared in our backyard the other day…

You see, I’m not a big fan of animals like this one AT ALL, but I still got my camera out, because you don’t see this things in your backyard everyday.

So, it started moving…

and moving…

And I thought it was going to fall…

But it didn’t fall 🙂

If you’re interested, here are links to find more Randomestic pictures of creatures in my backyard. Lizards and bees. 


On a beautiful sunny day in Texas, my sister and I were having a picnic lunch in our backyard. I remember the food was good. We were eating chicken nuggets with ranch dressing. You see, my sister LOVES ranch dressing; she calls it “blanco” which means white in Spanish. On the day my mom FINALLY gave in and let me try “blanco” I was so thrilled by the flavor of that substance, that from then on, “blanco” became one of my favorite words!

On this particular day, I was feeling rebellious. So, after I finished my chicken, I didn’t hesitate and decided to go ahead and do this with my precious hands:

Doesn’t it look delicious?


Now my lips are all white…

I’m all dirty, but it’s SO worth it. Mommy agrees…kinda. 😉